Overnight Stays and Day Boarding Services

We provide Athens, TX, and the surrounding communities with overnight and day boarding services. We practice the highest standards of care and cleanliness for pets boarding with us.

Our boarding facility is fully heated and air-conditioned with separate dog and cat boarding areas. Boarding pets are taken for walks three times each day and get additional time outside to run and play.  Every pet who boards with us receives individual attention and plenty of affection from our professional and caring staff. We provide everything that your pet will need while boarding for us. However, if your pet is on medication, we ask that you bring your pet’s prescriptions. Also, we recommend that you call ahead to schedule your boarding reservation for your pet, as the boarding kennels fill up fast, especially during the holidays and summer months.


We are happy to offer affordable, one-on-one professional pet grooming services. Our professional groomer has years of experience grooming pets and is committed to making every pet look it’s absolute best!

For more information on our grooming services or to schedule a grooming appointment, call our clinic at (903)-675-5708.

Spa Day

We are happy to offer affordable spa day pets that do not need to be groomed or have a haircut. Your pet’s spa will include a bath, nail trim, gland expression, tooth brushing. Bring your pet in for some well-needed relaxation and beautification services.